Welcome to Edible Toronto, our region’s quarterly print magazine dedicated to showcasing and promoting our local foodshed and its healthy, safe and sustainable future. We focus on local growers and producers, food artisans and chefs, farmers’ markets and food retailers, inns and B&Bs, restaurants and cafés.

Our region is Southern Ontario's Greater Golden Horseshoe, an area composed of over one hundred municipalities and populated by eight million, or two-thirds, of Ontario’s residents. The Golden Horseshoe stretches along Lake Ontario – from beyond Cobourg in the east to Niagara-on-the-Lake in the southwest; and inland, west to Brantford, northwest to Wellington County, north to Penetanguishene, and northeast to the Kawarthas. The Greater Golden Horseshoe and, by extension, Edible Toronto magazine, embrace the Greenbelt and the towns, townships and cities within these boundaries.

And it is within these boundaries that we discover and savour Ontario’s bounty: from small, family-run farms that have been around for generations to new hydroponic greenhouse operations; from dozens of vineyards and wineries in Niagara to apple orchards and pumpkin farms in Halton; from ostrich and elk farms in Rockwood to sheep and goat farms in Durham and the Kawartha Region; from artisan cheesemakers to chocolatiers and coffee roasteries that use only fairly traded products. The list goes on and on, and Edible Toronto is here to tell you all about them, season by season.

Edible Toronto’s mission is to promote the future by focusing on a return to the past, when most of the foods we consumed were locally grown and produced; when we never ate asparagus, strawberries, peaches and plums in the wintertime because they simply weren’t available. We were overjoyed to dig into the first asparagus of the season, and to bite into those juicy, sweet, freshly picked Ontario peaches.

At Edible Toronto, we don't believe that it's necessary (or even advisable) to follow a strict 100-mile diet; a balance between local and imported is possible. We don’t want, and wouldn’t expect, our readers to give up oranges, spices, olive oil, coffee and chocolate. There will be reminders, however, that eating locally from sustainable sources whenever possible is beneficial from many standpoints: nutritionally, the fresher the produce, the more nutrients they are likely to pack; economically, by supporting our local producers, our consumer dollar stays within our communities and helps to nourish and grow our agricultural industry; environmentally, consuming local products reduces carbon dioxide emissions caused by shipping goods from opposite ends of the continent and from the other side of the world; and from a food security standpoint, knowing where our food comes from and how it was produced is highly empowering and reassuring, especially in the wake of recent food safety scares. Ultimately, it's up to individual consumers to make informed decisions based on what's right for them and their families, no preaching required.

Our stories are people-based and passionate, and our magazine is filled with enticing, full-colour photography. Edible Toronto is a celebratory magazine: celebrating the seasons, celebrating our farmers and producers; celebrating our diverse population and ethnic mosaic; celebrating good food, good eating, and a return to a more satisfying way of life. All in a publication that is the only magazine serving Southern Ontario that is entirely devoted to food.

We welcome you to the Edible Toronto community.

With warmest regards,

Gail Gordon Oliver
Publisher and Editor

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